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Tuesday, 9 March 2010


© Sandra Busby

Codi joined me at work again today. The first thing she always does when we arrive is present the tennis ball at my feet and look at me expectantly. She hasn't yet learned that the kettle is my first priority, followed by switching the heaters on!
Although the sun been gloriously bright over the last few days, it has still been bitterly cold. Our garden is surrounded by woodland providing a shelter from the wind - It really did feel like Spring out there on Sunday and we spent much of the day tidying up the pond. But standing in an open field
feels very different.
Today was particularly cold and very windy, but she won't settle unless I give her a good run, so I did the dutiful thing. Half an hour later she was finally showing signs of fatigue and I got started on my days work.

It's always easier to sketch Codi when she's worn out, but when she's not as settled its easier to draw different bits of her rather than trying to draw her as a whole. Its a good way to get to know a subject too. I used a water-soluble pen for these sketches.

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