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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Bird Song

© Sandra Busby

It occurred to me today, how different the world 'sounds' when the sun shines.
Something I barely ever notice on a cold, wet or windy day is the soothing melody of bird song. Today it was in stereo; from all directions, from every tree - Just
where do the birds go on a cold day? Presumably snuggled up in there nests, but then why don't they still chat?
I don't realise how much I miss the sound during the winter months until it returns in the Spring, though no doubt I might eat my words when they start singing at 4am in the summer!

This little bird had stopped at the bird table which my husband built, for a little brunch of bird seed and bacon rind. I managed to sketch the table in less than ten minutes, though the bird just happened to come along for the last minute or so.


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