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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Charlie's Room

© Sandra Busby

My son nearly fell over backwards when I asked him NOT to tidy his room! Somehow if the drawers were all shut and it looked tidy, I think it would have looked quite dull!

A Dog's Life!

© Sandra Busby

Its raining again today. The log fire is burning and the dog is curled up beside it. Speaking of the dog - Here is a drawing I did of her in the summer :0)


© Sandra Busby

This was an interesting sketch to do. I took an opportunity to do this while my husband was busy cleaning his fly-fishing gear and both the kids were otherwise occupied. It was suprisingly quick to do. It's hard on these dull winter days to find strong light coming from anywhere, so in the winter I find drawing in the evening is actually better to get good shadows. The reflections in the glass added some interest and this was what inspired me to do a more detailed study of the kitchen window at night, which I will post when completed.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

In The Warm

Since this has been the longest, harshest winter I can ever remember, I find myself less and less inclined to go outside with my pencils! 
Still, the worst must surely be over and indeed the days are getting a little longer at last. 

© Sandra Busby

For now at least, I am making the most of any opportunity to sketch in the warmth of my own home. 

It's not always easy finding the time to sketch when juggling with work commitments and family life - another reason for me to want to 'loosen up' and sketch more freely.

I'm working on a full on charcoal drawing now of the same subject, in a more thoughtful composition.

I'll post it when it's finished.


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